What is QuickTiles?

QuickTiles is a plugin for 3ds max that allows you to convert regular tile textures into interactive ones, right in mat.editor.

In other words, you can take any texture and reform and recreate it as you need: change the layout, the size of the tile, format, color, seams, volume, randomize the shape or texture, and much more.

This approach significantly speeds up the work, since reconfiguring the texture is much easier than searching for it.

How does it work?

The basic workflow in QuickTiles is incredibly simple and is divided into three steps.

The first step is you setting an initial texture in the plugin, and indicating where the tiles are and where the seams are. The second step is you setting a new way for laying out the tiles, i.e. choosing a Pattern. The third step is customizing sizes, details, randomization, mixing, etc.

In this short video, we first quickly show the work process, and then repeat everything again, but with detailed comments.

Key features

Reforming tile textures directly in 3D max

With QuickTiles, you can easily create any texture from tiles, and reconfigure it whenever you need.

In this short video, we show how to quickly create several types of paving stones from our library texture.

Seamless texture made from several tiles

Our plugin allows you to quickly create a large seamless texture from just a few tiles taken initially from a bad example from the manufacturer's website.

Create tiled gradients easily

QuickTiles allows you to easily create gradients and patterns from tiles based on any number of tile sets and black and white source images.

This is one of the absolutely unique features of our plugin.

Large library of ready-made presets

Over 130 modern and unique photoscanned textures and over 270 fully customized presets based on them will allow you to speed up and make your work easier immediately after installing the plugin.

Radial layouts

Round areas are no longer a problem! QT will lay out the tiles along a radius in one click.

Procedural generation of tiles volume

The QuickTiles plugin will generate complex tile edge shapes and help you recreate beautiful ceramics, even if you only have a diffusion map.

QuickTiles Lister

An additional script that allows you to easily track all QuickTiles nodes in a scene and perform batch operations on them.

All in all

QuickTiles is easy to get started

We have a bunch of lessons, a great support service, tips for each function, and a large library of presets – you can render your work in three clicks.

We have automated a lot of things

The auto-recognition of tiles on the original texture, auto-recognition of channels when loading, auto-fitting of bitmaps to the size of the container, auto-generation of the material nodes.

Say goodbye to tiling

You can create textures of any physical size, for example 10x10 meters, and change their resolution as you like up to 32 768 px

Don't look for textures, create them!

How often do you find a suitable in color texture, but with the wrong pattern? Or too small of a piece? In these cases, you’re practically helpless without QuickTiles.

Сorrections are everything!

Сlient CONSTANTLY make changes. QuickTiles will help you quickly change an already created texture and not waste extra time and nerves on it.

Convert to bitmap

Any of our textures can be conveniently converted into simple bitmaps. For example, if you decide to transfer a scene to a render farm or another specialist.

Full list of features

Generation section

Loading and slicing source files

Working with libraries

Set mixing feature

Working with patterns and tile shapes

Working with bitmaps inside containers

Bitmap randomization

Working with seams

Common things


QuickTiles is compatible with Autodesk 3ds max older than 2018 and render engines Vray, Corona, and FStorm


Install the complete version of QuickTiles
and work for free for 14 days.

After the trial period ends, purchase a subscription and activate the already installed program.


The QuickTiles plugin is sold as a monthly subscription. The price is the same for all types of enterprises. One license runs on one computer.


The QuickTiles plugin comes with a free library of high-quality materials. At the moment, it already contains over 210 textures in PBR format, completely ready for use.

We scan the vast majority of these ourselves, constantly expanding our collection with modern and relevant types of brick, paving stones, and other tiled materials. Here, you will find really useful materials that you can use in modern landscaping projects.

All textures are made in resolutions from 4K to 16K and are available completely free of charge using the QuickTiles plugin. All of them can be downloaded directly from the plugin interface.

The plugin also contains large libraries of patterns and presets, with completely ready-made settings. With their help, you can start using QuickTiles immediately after installation, without even going through the tutorials.

Last library update: 18.07.2024

Latest textures available on version only

How to load textures from the library










Brick yellow new 3944

Brick orange old 9441

Brick peach new 9438

Brick short 9448

Brick brown new 9406

Brick yellow new 3941

Brick orange new 3943

Brick red spotted 6915

Brick brown old 9411

Brick red motley 7138

Brick red old 9435

Brick brown 9412

Brick red 3935

Brick dark brown 9409

Brick red old 9436

Brick yellow flat 3942

Brick orange motley 3945

Brick Peter Standart 7310

Brick brown 9405

Brick red old 9445

Brick grey 8476

Brick brown stones  9410

Brick red black 7137

Brick orange 3997

Brick orange old 9440

Brick yellow 1383

Brick grey 4927

Brick old red 9439

Brick red 6922

Brick red 3547

Brick red 3761

Brick old white 9845

Brick grey 4717

Paving stone old 3166

Paving peebles 4650

Paving zigzag red 6573

Paving stone old 3882

Paving orange 3162

Paving black rock 3039

Paving varios grey 4172

Paving Rokko grey 8181

Paving red brick 7321

Parking lattice 6548

Paving arrows 8712

Paving grey square 6290

Paving fatso red 5981

Paving Krakov 4712

Paving cobblestone 3167

Paving cobblestone 3165

Paving cobblestone 3160

Paving crushed 7320

Paving rounded 4383

Paving granite grey 3204

Paving rhombs grey 2497

Paving slatestone 3035

Paving geomesh 1550

Paving grainy 3181

Paving yellow 4325

Paving castel old 2810

Paving origami 6932

Paving boomerang 9155

Paving Rokko 8180

Paving grainy long 5485

Paving angles 1798

Paving angles 1799

Paving antique 7375

Paving antique 7376

Paving bowtie 5973

Paving bowtie 5974

Paving bowtie huge 5975

Paving brown 4316

Paving concrete 5891

Paving concrete 3736

Paving fishscale 5198

Paving geomesh 1549

Paving geomesh 6547

Paving grained 1563

Paving granite 3168

Paving grassy 6623

Paving Krakov 4715

Paving Krakov 8179

Paving octagon red 9425

Paving old city 1987

Paving old city 1988

Paving Origami 6931

Paving Origami 6935

Paving rounded 4379

Paving rounded grey 6173

Paving rounded red 6174

Paving rounded yellow 6175

Paving sandstone 3030

Paving sandstone 7444

Paving Tiara 4891

Paving Tiara 4892

Paving zigzag 6572

Paving simple broken 7341

Paving long brown 4317

Paving simple color 7183

Paving colour 1547

Paving salmon 4167

Paving grainy 3180

Paving grainy 5477

Paving grainy 5478

Paving grainy 5479

Paving granite mossy 3169

Paving granite 3881

Paving granite grey 3201

Paving granite grey 7196

Paving granite red 3205

Paving modern square 6287

Paving hex 1834

Paving modern 4789

Paving old city 5811

Paving orange simple 8742

Paving park 1785

Paving park 4658

Paving park wet 4659

Paving grey patterned 3171

Paving red wet 3165

Paving rounded 4380

Paving rounded grey 4381

Paving rounded grey 4382

Paving modern simple 3177

Paving simple 7468

Paving simple red 1877

Paving simple snowy 3215

Paving simple snowy 3387

Paving red square 1789

Paving tactile mini 7145

Paving terrazzo old 6178

Paving trapeze 9174

Paving trapeze 9174b

Paving wet 1379

Paving simple wet 5736

Paving yellow varios 4171

Paving tactile 6872

Tiles shellrock sawed 7351

Tiles granite pink 3203

Rustic stone wall 2803

Stone tiles old 2740

Stone blocks 6371

Stone tiles 2801a

Stone tiles 2801d

Stone tiles old 2731

Travertin yellow 7349

Tiles Sandstone 2802

Tiles raw red granite 6372

Tiles shellrock sawed 7350

Wood Oak radial 3552

Wood Oak select 3551

Wood Oak natur 3550

Wood Oak rustik 3549

Wood Oak robust 3548

Wood Ash 6871

Wood decking 5936

Wood planks 5102

Wood planks 8127

Wood planks grey 9351

Wood planks new 7543

Wood planks old 9401

Wood maple 6870

Metal Shinglas 6351 Adamant

Metal Shinglas 6351 Ferrara

Metal Shinglas 6351 Finnera

Metal Shinglas 6351 Kaskad

Metal Shinglas 6351 Monterrey

Stone roofing tiles 1247

Shinglas Castello mix 3301

Shinglas brown 3176

Shinglas Corrida red 8762

Shinglas Tetris grey 8750

Shinglas Tetris brown 8751

Shinglas Tetris brown 8752

Shinglas Tetris red 8753

Shinglas Tetris green 8754

Shinglas Tetris blue 8755

Shinglas Classic grey 8757

Shinglas Classic brown 8758

Shinglas Classic red 8759

Shinglas Classic green 8760

Shinglas Classic orange 8761