Here you can download the full version of the QuickTiles plugin and try it for 14 days.
No activation is required for the test period.


Feature added:
   Added the ability to set tile IDs inside the slicer
   Added the ability to select all tiles in a given ID by double-clicking in the slicer and Pattern Editor
   Added the ability to set the direction of the tiles in the slicer and Pattern Editor
   Added icons to the slicer library

   Added the ability to drag-n-drop textures between slots in the slicer

   Improved the ctrl+z mechanism in slicer and PE

   Tilt of the displacement follows the direction of the tiles
   When textures are lost, their names are saved in the slicer
   Significantly simplified polygonal patterns creation

   Increased the speed and stability of the plugin

   Contrast in Color correct in the slicer now works more accurately
   The problem of selection the tiles in PE when scaling the window
   Added zoom to the autoslice window and made its original size small
   Deformation of tiles when working in a slicer with non-square textures
   Slicer crush when creating new tiles
   When deleting sets from the library, the very first set was loaded

Small improvements:
   Patches have become more square
   Added a status window while slicing tiles in the Slicer
   Removed the vertical mirroring of the middle part in the Crop/center algorithm
   Slightly changed the default plugin parameters
   Slightly changed the settings of the base material in V-ray and CoronaLegacy
   Generation of tiles in the slicer when slicing in 1 and 2 mode has become more accurate


File size been optimized 

The hue and brightness of some maps are balanced


Paving long brown 4317

Paving tactile 7145

Wood planks 7543

Paving rounded 4380

Brick grey 4717

Wood planks grey 9351

Paving rounded 4381

Paving salmon 4167

Paving red square 1789

Paving simple colored 7183

Paving park wet 4659

Paving bowtie 5974

Paving fishscale 5198

Paving grassy 6623

Brick red black 7137

Paving brown 4316

Paving rounded red 6174

Paving rounded yellow 6175

Stone tiles old 2731

Shinglas brown 3176

Paving trapeze 9174

Paving sandstone 3030

Paving sandstone 7444

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