Here you can download the full version of the QuickTiles plugin and try it for 14 days.
No activation is required for the test period.


   Significantly improved operation stability
   Significantly increased the speed of material generation
   Significantly increased the speed of the Store function
   Significantly increased the speed of HSV in the slicer (added multithreading)

   Sliced tiles and material are no longer saved in the scene. Now QT does not affect its size
   Increased recognition accuracy by disabling map reduction. Now you adjust the size of the bitmaps yourself and can slice them quickly, or slower, but as accurately as possible

Feature added:
   Store to temp function – after activation, the material loads faster and can be rendered without a license
   Store to scene function – the material is saved to the scene and can be transferred to another computer without additional actions, as well as rendered without a license

   Result size is now always displayed in Store modes
   Ability to move the library and temp files to another location during installation
   Function of quickly reducing maps in the Slicer – now you can use smaller sources, while significantly speeding up the work. No additional disk space is required for these files

   Search for source textures in case of loss. Now the plugin searches for them in the libs folder, as well as in the project folder, next to the max file and the maps folder

   Bug with rows disappearing during regeneration
   Bug with a crash when generating 8K materials

   Pattern library – some patterns disappeared in the previous version
   Crash when switching previews between channels. If there was no source bitmaps on the channel, there was a crash
   Crash when trying to create a material without a selected pattern


   Paving moorish 8179

   Paving terrazzo 6178

   Paving square 6287

   Paving broken 7341

   Paving snowy 3387

   Paving snowy 3215

   Paving grainy flat 3180

   Roofing corrida 8762

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