Here you can download the full version of the QuickTiles plugin and try it for 14 days.
No activation is required for the test period.

QuickTiles release notes

Feature added to slicer:

   Contrast correction in HSV

   Direction of normals correction

   Mark all & Unmark all functions added to Eraser

   In the Slicer and PE, shortcuts (Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V & Delete) now works with Shift

Feature added common:

   Position of the buttons in Generated texture settings section has been changed

   CoronaPhysicalMtl is creates in Corona 7 now

Fixed problems:

   When copying, the QT nodes in any case remained instances

   In the slicer, when you press Enter, the plugin offered to reset the settings

   Incorrect generation of the gaps normals

Small improvements:

   Improved autoslicing

   HSV operation in the slicer has been slightly accelerated

   Small fixes in the slicer when working with nonsquare textures


   Paving park 1785

   Paving orange 8742

   Brick old red 9439

   Paving Tiara 4891

   Paving simple 7468

   Wood decking 5936

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